Current Group Members


Dr. Ali Asghar Zanjani (Membrane Repair)

Dr. Konark Bisht (Voltage-sensor designs)

Dr. Hridya VM (Ion Pumps, Proton Transfer Mechanisms)

PhD Students

Mayank Prakash Pandey (Membrane Repair, Nucleotides as hydrotropes)

Luise Jacobsen (Ion Pumps)

Masters Students

Teresa Nguyen (Magic Mushrooms)

Navidullah Tawakal (Liposomal Drug Formulations)

Former Group Members


7 postdocs have been at the group and are now pursuing careers elsewhere. Here are some examples with their current affiliations:

Dr. Bastien Loubet, Software engineer at SII, Toulouse

Dr. Guillaume Chevrot, Research Engineer at University of Orléans

Dr. Vitaly Chaban, Faculty, Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil

PhD Students

5.33 PhD students have graduated from our group. Here are the current affiliations of some of them

Dr. Lina Nåbo (co-advised), Chemist at Nature Energy

Dr. Wojciech Kopec, Project Group Leader at MPI Gottingen with Prof. Bert de Groot

Dr. Vikas Dubey, Data Scientist, Nextcom A/S Copenhagen

Dr. Dennis Bruhn, Data Scientist, Liveintent, Copenhagen

 Masters Students

Paninnguaq Naja Elgaard-J√łrgensen (2019).¬†QC Chemist @ Novo Nordisk, Copenhaen

Karina Olesen (2018), Software engineer @ Leica Geosystems part of Hexagon, Odense

Christian Wewer (2018), Cloud Data Specialist @ C.C.JENSEN A/S

Sarah Witzke (2010), Applications Scientist at Chemical Computing Group, Oxford, UK

Morten Bj√łrnskov Nielsen (2013), Science teacher, Tornbjerg Gymnasium